I'm the creative force (and heart) behind Girasole & Co. Weddings. Imagine me as your trusty Midwest wedding expert, armed with over 10+ years of event management experience.

I genuinely believe that to truly appreciate love in others, you've got to live it yourself. My heart is set on transforming dreams into reality, specializing in crafting personalized and thematic weddings that mirror each couple's unique style.

Well, as an Enneagram 3, I'm all about making sure every detail is spot-on and being your biggest cheerleader along the way. I'm fully committed and pumped to navigate every twist and turn of this exciting journey with you—let's do this together!


Containers are my obsession! Even if I already have something stored away, I'll snag another – especially if it's cuter! Why? because life just feels more organized when everything has its own spot, right?


I'm a Jersey girl turned Ohioan! Life's full of surprises, right? Here's a good one: after 20 years, I bumped into my husband again! We even have a photo from our very first dance back in '99.


I'm hooked on Sweet Magnolias, Virgin River, and Married at First Sight. With a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket, I'm all set for some serious chill time, especially if my pup Sadie joins in for extra cuddles!


I was a Local Executive Director within the Miss America Organization for 5 years.


I majored in painting in college, but my creativity doesn't stop there—I love crafting in my free time! And for those spontaneous brainstorming sessions, Post-it notes are chef kiss!

Our lives were intertwined from the very beginning—long before we even realized it! From my childhood dance studio to hangouts at the local roller rink, our connection was just beginning to bloom. Then, High school came around, and we shared our very first dance in '99—total babies, right?

Fast forward 20 years to a chilly Ohio day in 2019, fate intervened and Facebook brought us back together. After months of long-distance love, Mike made the move to New Jersey just before the pandemic hit. Then, on a sunny day in the heart of a breathtaking sunflower field, he popped the question. And what better way to celebrate than with ice cream at The After?

Now, with our pup Sadie by our side, we're embracing life outside of Columbus, hand in hand, ready to embrace whatever adventures and surprises come our way.

"Your wedding is all about you, your family, and your dear friends. Be your true self. Show your fun, quirky personality and do the dang thing that makes you happy."

—Heather Arra

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